Coconut water

The ingredients in Coconut water are very effective at hydrating the human body. During rigorous exercise or extended periods of physical activity, the human body loses mineral-rich fluids. However, Coconut water serves as an excellent replacement of potassium and natural sugars, unlike your favorite sports drink that only contains half of the amount of processed sugar.

In many instances, a disproportionate level of electrolytes can results in high blood pressure. Because Coconut water contains an adequate supply of each, it can be used as a balancing mechanism. In some instances, it is recommended that coconut water be consumed at the starts of each day to foster the balance of these electrolytes.

Drink Coconut water to settle your stomach. It will also replace those essential electrolytes that exit the body if urination and vomiting.

The fat content in water is extremely low, so generous quantities can be consumed without the fear of immediately packing on the pounds. It also suppresses the appetite and makes you feel full because of its rich nature.
Most headaches are caused by dehydration; there for coconut water is the perfect remedy!

Rich source of cytokines. Cytokines are plant growth hormones, which regulate the growth and development of plants. The interesting part is that cytokines have an anti aging effect on human cells and tissues.

Coconut water is an antibacterial, it contains monolaurin, an antiviral, antibacterial and antiprozoal monoglyceride that is used to kill lipid coated viruses such as HIV, Herpes, the flu and various pathogenic bacteria, keeping the immune system strong and healthy.

Balance PH levels which reduces the risk of Cancer.
Young Coconut water helps dissolve kidney stones by diluting your urine so that the various chemicals in your kidney such as calcium, phosphates, uric acid, etc. are relatively easy to flush out of your system. This is because it is a natural diuretic and it increase the urine flow.

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